Farley Plasma Bed Rebuild

Farley Plasma Bed Rebuild Recently we had to rebuild one of our plasma beds and have captured the highlights in this Farley plasma bed rebuild post.  The plasma bed consists of a frame with slats sitting vertically across the frame. 

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MYOB OUTLOOK email problem solved

Do you use Outlook to send remittances, payslips or monthly account statements? Do you get sick of having to push yes for every single email? We’ll this is an Outlook registry change that streamlines the process of sending emails from

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Small Business Sales

Small Business Sales – How To Sell Without Being A Salesperson In a startup, no matter what you do, you’ll be selling something – so you better be good at it. Small Business owners are typically experts at their trade

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Plasma cutting stainless steel

Recent advances in plasma cutting stainless steel When it comes to cutting stainless steel, plasma offers a number of advantages over the other methods available, and recent technological developments are delivering improved speed, quality and flexibility. By Steve Liebold, Jon

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Grades of Steel Plate

Customers often ask DIECUT about the different steel grades and steel strength.  This article provides an overview of some steel grades and links to more detailed information on steel grades from DIECUT’s steel suppliers.   Mild Steel Grade 250 Grade

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How does Duraflex differ from Mild Steel

This article explains the difference between DuraFlex and Mild Steel.  More information can be found in the Article on Steel Grades. Duraflex is also know as K1042 and K1045  (see below for more detail)   Mild Steel (grade 250/350): Typical

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What is Metal Stress Relief

Metal Stress Relief is a type of heat treatment used to reduce or remove internal stress induced into metal components from various manufacturing methods.   Why does metal need Stress Relief Machining induces stresses in parts. The bigger and more

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What is Flame Hardening

Flame hardening steel involves heating the steel part and then cooling it. The first step of the process changes the molecular structure of the steel and makes it hard, but brittle. If dropped or struck hard, it could actually shatter.

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Profile Cutting Options

Profile Cutting options vs Plate Thickness The following table lists the plate grades and thickness that we commonly stock and the profile cutting technology typically used. The profile cutting technology can also be specified by the customer. See DIECUT’s profile

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Profile Cutting Tolerances

See DIECUT profile cutting services for details on the full range of DIECUT’s range of profile cutting services. Profile Cutting Tolerances Profile cutting tolerances are: +/- 2mm Steel Plate Tolerances: DIECUT Engineering only stocks certified steel plate complying with Australian

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Washgrinding Segments

This article provides an overview of washgrinding segments, including types, selection and installation.  For more information on please visit DIECUT’s washgrinding services. Selecting washgrinding segments for required finish Selecting the appropriate washgrinding segments is dependant on the type of steel,

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Metal Worker Jobs

 Are you a hard worker looking for an honest days pay for an honest days work, well DIECUT Engineering may be right for you.  DIECUT is a dynamic company and has metal worker jobs in Clayton Victoria.    

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