Steel Services

DIECUT Engineering  operates from a purpose built steel processing facility and provides Steel Services throughout greater Melbourne.   The range of services  continues to expand, driven by our customers requirements for cost effective service and specialized services.

Profile Cutting

Steel Profile Cutting

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Laser Oxy & Plasma Profile Cutting machine operators  use CAD / CAM drawing applications and CNC controlled cutting machines to profile cut steel plate to your specifications.  There are three 3m x 9m cutting tables cutting 3-300mm plate.  All profile cut jobs are cleaned prior to delivery and ready for assembling or machining.  CAD drawings can be provided electronically in DXF and DWG format or CAD programmers will create a CAD file from your drawing or sample.

Steel plate thickness and grades, including 250, 350, Dura, Boiler Plate, is normally in stock and jobs are typically turned around in under 3 days.  Click for more information on Profile Cutting

Washgrinding, Stress Relief & Hardening


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Wash Grinding grinds the surface of the newly cut profile for appearance, easy of handling and assembly, or to precise thickness specifications.  We have two Lumsden washgrinders on-site.  Click for more information on Washgrinding

Stress Relieving is the process of heating the metal to a suitable temperature and once fully heated slow cooled. This process removes the residual stress in manufactured components; it is not a hardening process. For more information see the article on Metal Stress Relief

Hardening involves heating a steel to its normalising temperature and cooling (Quenching ) rapidly in a suitable fluid e.g oil, water or air.  For more information see the article on
Flame Hardening

Machining and Fabrication


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Machining and Fabrication services are provided through our sister companies and strategic partnerships and we can provide you with a single source for all your project requirements.

Whether you need simple fabrication, excavation buckets or mining sifters DIECUT Engineering can assist.

Call (03) 8558-1875 to discuss your requirements or request a quote.

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