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Washgrinding provides a flat and smooth finish to profile cut parts for ease of handling, appearance or precision fit.   Once the desired finish has been achieved the part is cleaned and an anti-rusting agent applied in preparation for shipping.

Washgrinding is normally required to either cleanup the profile cut component for ease of handling and assembly, or to reduce the component thickness from the nominal steel plate thickness to a precise thickness.

Depending on whether you need washgrinding for cleanup or washgrinding for precision you will require either:

  1. Wash Ground Clean Up (WGCU) where the metal surface is ground back to clean metal, removing the black surface material to give the steel the appearance or look of Stainless Steel
  2. Wash Ground to Specification where the metal surface is ground back to a precise thickness with upto a +/- 0.1mm tolerance

Pricing varies and is based on the time taken to achieve the desired outcome.  For example if the part requires a large amount of material to be removed to achieve the desired thickness then it will take longer.  The price can sometimes be reduced if more parts can be ground at the same time.

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